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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well it's back to my old blog, my year away is over and it's back to life as usual in Cleveland. I cant complain though, been rotating at the Free Clinic of Cleveland, have my weekends off, and plenty of spare time. The last year seems a many experiences, so many pictures :) but here are a few last ones (the remainder I've posted onto my flickr site). The first is of the spice shop man in J. Webde from whom I bought everything from cinnamon bark to onion seeds (yes Emily and I actually went to this man to ask him for the spice which was a small thing you put into a ground from which onions come out). I paid one last visit to him my last few days in Jordan to stock up on some spices for home.
The next photo is from the Fulbright House...our wonderful director Alain who acted as both our porgram director and when needed our Uncle Alain to whom we went to for advice and a sympathetic ear. The last photo is from my clinic where I did my interviews and conducted my surveys.
Books: Fiction

Anil's Ghost
Michael Ondaatje

The Alchemist
By Paulo Coelho

Books: Non-Fiction

Oasis of Dreams
By Grace Feuerverger

Betrayal of Trust
By Laurie Garrett

Pathologies of Power
By Paul Farmer

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