Bleary Eyed

~Bleary Eyed

Thursday, December 29, 2005
well my dell laptop finally decided to up and die on me...never to be revived again possibly. So in a moment of absolute frustration with microsoft I went out and bought a new little baby:

and I LOVE IT. At 4.9 lbs it's weighs half of that clunker they gave us at the med school and it's so much fun to play with :P so despite returning to the cold cleveland weather next week, I have a new toy to keep my spirits high.
Books: Fiction

Anil's Ghost
Michael Ondaatje

The Alchemist
By Paulo Coelho

Books: Non-Fiction

Oasis of Dreams
By Grace Feuerverger

Betrayal of Trust
By Laurie Garrett

Pathologies of Power
By Paul Farmer

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